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We are an Multi disciplinary detail engineering and consulting Service provider managed by a highly talented and experienced team of Professionals focusing to provide Contemporary and Cost Efficient services with core competence and Technical Experts in a Process Engineering, Piping Layout, Pipe stress analysis, mechanical design, civil and structural and Electrical engineering, to the specific needs of every individual customer from power & process Industry.



  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Water Industry

Process Engineering

Process engineering focused on designing, controlling and improving operational processes. Our team handled preliminary and detailed design work including basic engineering design, SIP design, Process flow diagrams and P&IDs, We have designed processes in various sectors of oil & gas industry, chemical industry and more.

We are pleased to offer an exclusive process engineering services for our precious clients to fulfil their requirements.

Piping Engineering

Get innovative and wide range of solutions for piping design engineering and isometric drawing services for complex systems.

Padink piping design engineering services covers various aspects of piping survey, 3D detailed design, pipe engineering service, pipe stress analysis, structural design, coding and other design services.

Connect with us for all your piping design engineering needs, our clients gets quality services, scalability and 24*7 services for end to end services.

Instrumentation Engineering

We offer a wide assortment of instrumentation engineering and design services to industries like oil & gas, manufacturing, petrochemical, and chemical.

Our team of instrumentation and engineering consultants helps to diagnose and troubleshoot all existing and new safety systems to make your project success.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering services help to achieve desired electrical services and results at an affordable rate of cost. Our electrical engineering consultants are experienced in designing circuit boards, motors, electrical convertors, power supplies and more.

Padink electrical design engineering services are available over various types of industrial plants or building structures, including air handlers, water pumps, air conditioners, communication networks, lighting, office equipment, and more.

Mechanical Engineering

We offer advanced mechanical engineering services and solutions to various engineering companies across multiple industries and our services come up with product designs, industrial design and mechanical engineering design services to CAD/CAM, documentation, prototyping, testing and manufacturing.

We’re here to understand client needs and provide innovative designs for stand over competitive and we do offer customization over existing products with minimal time frame and cost.

Structural Engineering

Our structural engineering and design service provider has well-experienced / professional engineers in the field of structural design (preliminary and detailed design projects).

Here we apply innovative structural engineering design services covering a wide range of services for civil, commercial, residential, industrial and environment project requirements.


What we can do for you ?

01 Detailed Engineering

02 Engineering Analysis

03 As Built preparation

04 Manpower Deputation


Piping Design

  • Piping and material Specification
  • Piping Studies and Piping Layout
  • Piping General Arrangement Drawing
  • 3D Modelling of Plant
  • Piping Stress Analysis
  • Pipe Support Design
  • As Built drawings
  • Mechanical Design

  • Mechanical Calculations as per ASME Section.
  • Static Equipment Analysis
  • 3D Modelling
  • Detailed Fabrication Drawings
  • Technical Specifications and Bid Evaluation
  • Vendor Data & Drawing Review
  • Structural & Civil

  • Structural Design Calculations
  • General Layout Drawings
  • Foundation Design
  • Detailing of Steel Structures
  • RCC and Steel Analysis & Design
  • Connection Design
  • BOM for Civil & Structural Works
  • Electrical & Instrumentation

  • Load List & Single Line Diagrams
  • Loop & Hook-up Drawings
  • Electrical Layouts
  • Installation Drawings & Layouts
  • 3D Modelling of Cable tray
  • Lighting Design Calculation
  • Discover the Right Process


    Evaluate the Requirements

    We execute and monitor all our project milestones with our own developed project tracker application tool to serve our customers with quality project deliverables. In the initial stage, the project team evaluates the project deliverable requirements and time frame.

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    Select the Right Team

    The most important key factor for quality deliverables and on-time project delivery starts right from the selection of the right person in the right team. We have a pool of engineers/designers/developers etc. to meet the project goals.


    Import Project Data to Tracker

    The project team customizes the required tables in the project engineering tracker application based on the requirements and deliverables of the project. Necessary data and working strategies to execute the project are loaded in the engineering tracker.


    Update Status in Tracker

    The project team sets the project milestones and assigns the project tasks to each key user in the team. Each key user is responsible to update their assigned task which shows our project milestone achievements and queries list with status open/close.


    Monitor Daily Progress

    On-time delivery of the project can be achieved mainly through monitoring project work progress. Our customized tool helps to show the daily project milestone and progress achieved which helps to streamline the process further to achieve our error-free on-time delivery of project deliverables.

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    Daily/Weekly Standups

    The daily / weekly stand-ups help the team with the capacity work plan and also helps us to know the project milestone achievements and closeout of raised queries.



    The project tracker application tool helps as a register to capture the project deliverable dates and revision no. our customized tool helps to show the to and fro deliverables with its revision counts.

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    +30 Happy Clients

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